...and has run continuously ever since! (see the History of the Battalion) There are around 150 people currently active in the battalion, from leaders with 40 or more years' service, to some of the newest members who have just a few weeks. There is a role for everyone in the BB; if you're interested in joining, then have a look at our Companies page.

The Structure of the Battalion

Our Battalion is a part of the North of England District of the England Region of the BB. Within our Battalion, there are 5 companies currently active, each of whom meets in a different church for their "company nights", their weekly meetings.

Within a company, there are up to 4 different sections, usually separated by age: Anchor Section, for ages 5-8 years; Junior Section, for ages 8-11 years; Company Section, for ages 11-15 years and the Senior Section, for ages 15-18 years.

These sections usually meet at slightly different times on an

evening during the week, with Anchors Section sometimes meeting on other nights, but this can vary from company to company.

The South Shields Battalion of the BB started in 1891...

A Company Night

During a weekly company night, members take part in a number of different activities. Whilst there is some variation between sections and companies, a company night will usually have a uniform inspection, a devotional, a badgework class, and a games/physical section. 

The Boys' Brigade

The Boys' Brigade was founded in 1883 by Sir William Alexander Smith, in Glasgow, originally as something for the boys who played near to his church to do. Since that first company, the organisation has spread across the world, with hundreds of thousands of members internationally now. For more information about the BB in the UK, see the Boys' Brigade Website.

Girls Association

Since 2008, each company has had the choice to start a Girls' Association (usually if the church the company is based at does not have youth provision for girls). Two of our companies - the 9th South Shields and 10th South Shields - have a BBGA. More information can be found on the Girls Association page.


Anchors' Programme
5 - 8 years
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Juniors' Programme
8 - 11 years
Discover Programme
11 - 15 years
Challenge Plus Programme
15 - 18 years
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Junior Section Logo

Too old for the Senior section? Still want to get involved in the BB and take an active role in shaping the future of our Battalion at the same time? Volunteer as a leader at one of our companies! 

A Chance to Grow

As a leader in a BB company, you will function as one vital part of a small team, usually focusing on one or two sections (see above for details of the four sections). Beyond this, you will have the chance to work in collaboration with leaders from Companies across the Battalion, to organise and operate events. Once a qualified Officer, there will be the chance to go further, and run to be an Office-Bearer for the Battalion - helping to run and maintain our whole Battalion.

Everything You Need

With hundreds of years of experience as a Battalion, we know a thing or two about working with young people and are more than happy to share tips and tricks with each other. We don't know everything, though, so if you have an idea you'd like to share as a leader, then we'd love to learn from you too! We realise that it can be daunting when you first start as a leader, and we'll do everything we can to help you rise to the role - because as challenging as it can be, you'll quickly realise it's worth it!

For further information about becoming a leader, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.