The Anchor Section (then Anchor Boys) started in 1977, and cater for the youngest members of the BB (ages 5-8 years). Their programme focusses on five core development areas: body, mind, spirit, creativity and community.


The Anchor Section wear a bright red sweatshirt with a royal blue polo, with the companies in our battalion wearing dark trousers. They also have an armband for their badges, shown below.

Activity Programme

Anchor Section, like all other members of the BB, have a set scheme of activity to complete in order to achieve their badges. Over the three years of the Anchors, the badges get slowly more challenging to ensure that the programme stays interesting, but its most important focus is on being fun!


Here in the South Shields Battalion, the following companies have Anchor Sections:

8th Company

10th Company

14th Company

18th Company

Further Reading

For more information on the Anchor Section, view the Anchor Section page on the BB national website.

A full set of Anchor Section badges.