The Company Section is for children in Secondary school in England, ie. ages 11-15. they follow the Discover programme for their badges, which consists of three key areas: community, skills and recreation. Within each of these, a minimum number of activities must be completed; these are designed to encourage young people to develop in these areas and begin taking responsibility both within the BB and in the wider community.


The Company section wear the royal blue polo shirt of the younger sections, however their sweatshirt is navy blue rather than royal blue or red as in Juniors and Anchors respectively. Badges are worn on an armband, however in the second year of the Company section members can earn the Discovery badge, which goes on a second armband on the opposite arm. A full set of badges, including those earned in the Senior Section, is shown below.


Here in the South Shields Battalion, the following companies have Company Sections:

8th Company

10th Company

14th Company

18th Company

Further Reading

For more information on the Company Section, see the Company Section page on the BB national website.

A full set of Company Section and Senior Section badges. The second armband (for the right arm) is given once the Discovery Badge has been awarded.