The Junior Section is for ages 8-11 years, and is the youngest section allowed to go to camps and other residential events. The programme for the Juniors focusses on the same five core areas as that for the Anchor Section: body, mind, spirit, community and creativity; this allows the transition to be smooth for any children who move up. In Juniors, however, children get a chance to take a little more responsibility, and to begin to develop into young leaders.


The uniform for the Junior Section is similar to that for the Anchor Section, however has a royal blue sweatshirt rather than the red. The polo shirt is royal blue, just like the Anchor Section. Also similar to the Anchor Section is the armband for badges, an example of which is shown below.


Here in the South Shields Battalion, the following companies have Anchor Sections:

8th Company

10th Company

14th Company

18th Company

Further Reading

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