Version 1.0, updated 30th May 2018

What data do we collect?

South Shields Battalion of The Boys' Brigade ("We") collect any information, personal or otherwise, which you enter through this site, which includes full name, email address and any other personal information you enter through the 'contact' service. This is for the purpose of identifying you and responding to any messages we receive through this page, that is, allowing its function.

We also collect the Internet Protocol (IP) address which identifies your computer on the internet for the purposes of measuring and collecting session information, through use of third-party software tools, provided by Google Analytics ("Google"). They have their own privacy policy.

Why do we collect this?

The collection of names and email addresses is used exclusively for the purposes of communicating, through

email or otherwise, with you. When you submit a query through the contact form, you give implicit consent to this data being stored and used for this purpose.

All other data we collect is for the purposes of operating and providing this website to you, for technical assistance where appropriate, to comply with necessary laws, and for the compilation of aggregated statistical data. In the latter use case, no personally identifying information is retained.


How is your data stored?

This site is hosted on the platform ("Wix"), which provides us a web development environment and allows us to provide this site. Your data may be stored through Wix's data storage, databases, and general Wix applications. They store your data on a secure server, behind a firewall. For further details, see Wix's privacy policy.


Will we contact you?

The only direct communication you will receive from us at any time is in direct response to a message submitted through the contact form.


This site, like all others, uses cookies to track your site visit, and to ensure secure operation. All of these cookies are provided either through Wix, the Wix app marketplace, or through Google, and are in keeping with their privacy policies respectively.

To withdraw your consent to general cookies from our site, you must cease using it, as the cookies are essential for site

functioning. If you further wish to delete the cookies already placed, tutorials are available for each web browser, as the process differs between them.

Deleting your data

If you have submitted data through the contact form and wish for this to be destroyed, please submit a message to this effect through the contact form. You will receive a single confirmation email and following this all personal data will be redacted from prior emails. Please note that following this process, in order to maintain an audit trail, your full name and email address will be preserved, as will the message text, it will only be redacted to remove any personal details disclosed in the message text itself.


What if we update our policy?

We reserve the right to update our privacy policy at any time, so please continue to review it regularly. Any changes take effect as soon as they are posted to this page, and to aid your understanding the version number is stated at the top of this page.

Other queries

If you wish to access, correct, amend or delete any personal information we hold about you, or have any other queries regarding your privacy whilst using this site, please contact us using the form located here.